Wednesday, December 20, 2017

WAR by Alex Donis

The art piece by Alex Donis was one I will never forget. Well I honestly believe it will be hard to forget any of the images we saw in class! However, this set stuck to me because I can relate to it to a certain extent. Maybe it is because the goal of this image was to unify the community which is something my community had been working towards since I can remember. I grew up in south central. I had family all over the place- scattered in "hoods" they were not supposed to be in and whatnot. Different colors for instance blue and red definitely meant more than just a color in many communities. The fact that he had the courage to add the members in those colors together was mind blowing. No where on the planet would the two colors want to mix. However, he added kids playing in these colors. This was important because it shows that the ideas are planted in children as they grow, destruction and hat is not something from within. This piece resonated with me because it was then I knew the image in my head of a unified community is not SO far out that it is impossible. What I am trying to say is, if someone else can paint a reality in which everyone gets along it can possibly be done. If I was thinking about this topic sometime in my life, if this artist had this thought with him as he grew up, if you (professor Lopez) decided to show us this image it is probably because it is a possible reality in plenty of people's minds! It is an alternative reality we are afraid to bring to life because we have not seen it before. Mr. Donis offered a very raw image of peace in a gang infested area that we fail to create ourselves. We can then build from there. I loved this image! I agree with it's purpose! This is the kind of art I want my tax money to pay! Oh, and here is an image of an ex gang member (My dad, Mr. Pedro Gomez ) sharing a laugh and a broom with a law enforcement officer.

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