Friday, December 15, 2017

The Last Supper by Renee Cox

 The Last Supper by Renee Cox

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I believe Renee Cox's piece of the last supper is interesting. Her perspective and the way she made it to coincide with her identity.  She received a lot of backlash because people assumed she was against the catholic religion because it shows her body nude and replaced the sacred images with people of color. Her reasoning on why she chose to reclaim this image to her identity was to critique the church. She critiqued the church by implementing herself nude, as a critique of the church being dominated by men; She included people of color to interject that the system and hierarchy of the church majority is white. I think that this image is dope, and there are many controversies of images when related to religion. Religion is a touchy subject, but what I believe connects everyone is the belief that there is a higher power. So why not express ourselves, identities, and culture? Renee grew up going to a catholic church, she was taught that Jesus loved everyone equally, so she just wanted to portray that in her image. If Jesus did love everyone equally, then why isn't there representation of everyone, which is what Renee is criticizing. Overall, what stands out to me in this picture is Renee Cox and her posture. Her representation of Jesus. You can tell that in this image she is the attention and that she seeks praise. Which is also important for a society today, to show young women that we too can be powerful  

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