Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Team Presentation: not censor Sistine Chapel

My team is in charge of arguing for NOT censoring Michael-angelo's Sistine chapel. I personally chose this image because I did not understand why it was censored in the first place. I wanted to understand why people would deem such an amazing artwork unholy. I think the reason the people in the whole masterpiece are nude because that is the natural way of the human being. The  nudity was probably purest part of the image. It reminds the viewer that one is pure at some point. It sure reminded me that at some point I could look at a butt and think nothing of it. The sexualized thoughts came with experience and exposure. When artists added garments to cover the genitals I think it changes the tone of the image. With the garments there the viewers are suggested to think using sexualized lenses.

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