Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Self-Introduction:Daisy Arriaga

Hello, everyone, my name is Daisy Arriaga and I am currently a third year here in UCLA. I am currently majoring in Chicana/o studies and minoring in Education. I was born and raised in south-east Los Angeles. I call the city of Bell Gardens my home and I am extremely excited to take this course this quarter. My future career goal is to be an Elementary school teacher and teach fifth grade. All throughout school I had extremely influential teachers that have inspired me to pursue this career path and hopefully one day I too can inspire and motivate students just like my teachers did to me.
        When I read the article about Kaepernick and the Confederate flag the first thing that came to mind was the current political state we live in today. Over the past 2 years, the United States has been faced with open racism and social movements to prevent the discriminations of suffering minorities.  As a form of resistance NFL 49ers quarterback Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem. It was through this simple act of kneeling that stirred a form of resistance against the social injustice done to multiple minority groups in the United States. The other article talked about how Confederate statues were being destroyed in the south as a form of standing in solidarity with minorities. However, I believe the best way to get rid of these public statues is not by destroying them but by placing them in a museum so that we do not erase the racist history the United States has experienced but instead create a dialogue of what these statues mean and stand for.Both article, demonstrate the need for social movements that would allow social justice to be done.

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