Friday, December 15, 2017

Salman Rushdie- CH.2. pg 117

"To be free one had to make the presumption of freedom"
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      This quote stood out to me because it implies that we must believe we have freedom but with uncertainty, due to the word presumption. One, in the country we live in, we have freedom. But when the cases come about other countries, that is different. Freedom conveys different meanings which is despairing. I believe we should take into accounts other's experiences as too how much they can express themselves, as told here in Salman Rushdie's memoir. In order to be free we must define freedom, but where is that freedom when it needs to be defined? There are many constructs in society that keep us from freedom and freedom of expression. There are different opinions, individuals, face, so many judgement and rules that lead to the impression if we truly are free. It fits with the discussion in the book because it is about censorship. Rushdie did not think that his book would offer these consequences. He believed that with the fact that he was a writer he was able to express himself, and choose what he wrote, that as he states his ".. work would be treated as having been created with integrity."117 Furthermore, I  believe this highlights one of the ideologies and the journey of Joseph Anton and his book. 

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