Friday, December 15, 2017

Sally Mann's Immediate Family

Sally Mann's Immediate Family
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Sally Mann's work is quite a controversial issue. I mean to my opinion I chose to write this because, my family has baby nudes of myself and they thought no wrong about it, I was their child. I believe that's the creativity the artist is able to claim, that these are her children and she has a right to express herself with her family. An argument that people made was that this series was "child pornography", they believed it was pornography because she depicted her children nude in pictures. I think this isn't a good argument because why would people think that? The photographer is the children's mother. It is all in the eyes of the beholder, so if someone thinks other thoughts well I think that is there personal issue. I do see why individuals may not take the image well, but I think it should be understood that these children are children, they are innocent  and honest. She is not portraying them in any other matter. I feel like the black and white represents that because it shows that they are not yet developed, physically and mentally. Kids are simple beings and do not pay much attention yet and i think she was just admiring that beauty. 

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