Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Quarter refection

Winter quarter has not been nice to me, I will confess it has been the toughest quarter yet. Despite my personal issues my classes were not horrible. School offered a little "breather" sometimes... This class in particular gave me some hope. I had not been in an environment like the one in our class since I was a sophomore in high-school and, I had the privilege to take an art class. I never painted or drew though; we made collages with newspapers and magazines and learned about the history of art. This was the first hands-on class I had the pleasure to take. It was my first time dealing with a canvas and I'm glad we had the guidance we received, I would have been completely lost.  The most interesting aspect of this class definitely had to be criticizing art and getting a look at such pristine master pieces.  I feel like this class opened my eyes. It offered me an alternative way of thinking in order to understand other communities better. For example, Sally Mann's Immediate family picture portfolio was an interesting piece for me because I am a mom and I too take pictures of my baby. I do not always think about the dangers my baby's image or he may face once my images are on the web. As a mom I saw nothing wrong with the images- well most of them at least- but as a member of this cruel society- I saw the images and cringed. I cringed because I imagines a scenario where the image could be real because the world is that cruel now-a days. I felt a little disgusted at the thought of a little girl being held by an older man, and I felt a knot on my throat when I saw the little girl that looked as if she had perished in the water. However, I only felt that way at the thought of the scene becoming real. Once I learned the kids were safe, I felt relief. I did understand that our kids and all of our images are at the hands of everyone! Nothing is safe anymore!

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