Wednesday, December 20, 2017

¡Mirame! Extra Credit

The art installation ¡Mirame! Represents the work of queer artist, and much of their work is based on identity. The artists were able to share their narratives and have a platform to inspire others. I felt inspired by their work and motivated to pursue a passion in the arts. By having the ability to show different forms of art, audience members engage in dialogue and spark a change in society. This allows individuals to grow and bring awareness on important issues. Living in a heteronormative society, queer artist often deal with a lack of representation and have to learn how to be resilient to the institutions. I would encourage others to participate and be active in their community, only then can we better the conditions for future generations.   

One artwork that stood out to me the most was Alma Lopez’s “Ixta” I was surprised to learn the history behind the Aztec legend, Popocapetl wanted to marry the Princess Ixtaccihuatl but to do so he had to earn his warrior feathers in battle. Upon his triumphant return, he finds that Ixta, believing he had died in battle, killed herself. Grieving, he takes her lifeless body in his arms to the highest mountains in Mexico so that the snowflakes would wake her. But she never wakes up and they both remained frozen, forming the now two famous snow-covered volcanoes in Mexico. Alma reinvents Ixta by using the two princesas that represent the US / Mexico border. This in itself is powerful since many families have been torn and separated from the border due to the laws embedded in society.   

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