Monday, December 11, 2017

Extra Credit: Mirame!: Expressions of Queer Latinx Art

Extra Credit: Mirame!: Expressions of Queer Latinx Art

Last weekend, I went to the exhibition in Downtown and got to enjoy some of the wonderful art pieces that were on display. Upon arrival, I walked in on a Sunday afternoon and there were a lot of people admiring different sections of the exhibit. To the right side, there was Professor Alma Lopez's art works and a few other interesting pieces. In general, my favorite art work was the center photo (3rd from the left) titled El Popo Y El Homie by Hector Silva -- depicting an Indian man caressing another man. Not only was the piece beautifully drawn but it depicts the man wearing the head piece showing the other man affection. He was caressing his head and his facial expression reveals ease and love. The man in his arms is sitting in a gentle, relaxed and somewhat feminine pose with his legs crossed. He seems to not be wearing any clothing, just covered by a blanket or some type of cloth. His facial expression shows happiness, possibly laughter. It is rare to see a drawing of an Indian man not standing "macho" and firm. The photo that made me laugh was the Tapatio bottle with a picture of a woman and edited to say "Tapatia". There was an entire wall with the bottles on shelves from top to bottom. I had never thought about what the Tapatio bottle I have at home would look like feminized and it gave me a better take on what it would be like to relate things reconstruct gender norms mentally.

On a side note -- this was my first time visiting Placito Olivera and it was beautiful! They had male dancers playing the drums and wearing beautiful traditional costumes. They had good food, and beautiful art pieces everywhere. It reminded me somewhat of Tijuana and all of the little shops that align the border. I would definitely go back to relax on a Sunday!

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