Friday, December 15, 2017

EC:La Plaza- Art Exhibit

Mirame!: Expressions of Queer Latinx Art
Going to this exhibit and just going to La Plaza and visiting Plazita Olvera in general was very nostalgic. I really like going to museums and love art plus music! It gives a very home feeling because you don't get that much here at UCLA. Anyway, I really loved the art exhibit and the portrayals the artist had on these significant icons in the latinx community. As I sat down and watched the video being displayed, I noticed one of the individuals in the video was my T.A. from my Chicano 101 class, I don't remember his name. I just love how it portrayed our community and nothing gentrified, it was raw. One of my favorite pieces was Los Hijos de Doña Rita. I grew up with tio's who were gang affiliated so they had the "typical" cholo vibe, very macho. But in this piece it challenges that stereotype, we expect one thing but we get another. Honestly, I just loved the message it conveyed- which for me is anyone can be whom they want to be, regardless of what that individual labels themselves, or doesn't. Just as the title of the event, it says Expressions which is what these pieces are, expressions towards symbolic icons, and giving your own perspective. 

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