Saturday, December 16, 2017

EC:America Tropical Mural Interpretive Center

Last weekend I had the chance to visit the America Mural Interpretive Center where I was able to see David Alfaro's Siqueiros mural. The mural is only open for a limited amount of hours during the day because of the damage the sun can do to the painting. It was interesting to learn about the mural and how it was “censored” for years by being covered with white paint until it was rediscovered again. This is a perfect example of the limitation of an artists artistic expression because he was portraying something that was considered “uncomfortable” for some. After taking this course, I can see this censorship event in a different light and how crucial it is to speak out against these type of situations where our first amendment is being limited. Knowing that this painting is now being conserved is a big sigh of relief since it is such an important part of history that should be remembered and this mural plays a big part of it, not only with the history that the mural itself contains but the mural being “censored” is also just as important.

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