Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Chris Ofilis Virgin Mary

Some of the images we saw in class were pretty tough to look at and others were tougher. I personally had a specific dislike for the image of The holy virgin Mary by Chris Ofili. I understand not everyone's representation of the Virgin Mary is going to be the same. I also believe that is true; each persona should be able to determine how their godly woman looks like. My biggest issue with the image was the elephant dung. This was one of those things I would have rather not known. The various images of butts was comical util I found out there was also poop with the image. My thinking process was somewhat like : "wow this person used animal sh*t AND added porn as flies". I personally do not think the poop was necessary. The porn can be justified but I had an issue with that too because the images are not in their natural state either. It is not like the images represent the purity of one's body anyway so, I was offended. Without the poop and porn flies, I would not censor it but, why would any artist associate poop with anyone period? I thought it was insulting to anyone that believes in any virgin.  

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