Saturday, December 16, 2017

Censoring Cultures

Ch.14- The Metaphysics of Networks

"There is presumed to be something about the structure of networks that enables forms of resistance to emerge in the face of more centralized power structures." (153)

I choose this quote because it describes the power of networks. The power that individuals can come together through these networks and create protests, gatherings, etc. The idea that networks is not only a positive thing but negative. This quote explains how through the help of structures there comes this impact of resistance towards power; There are always issues in the world that involve "centralized powers." Given the example in the chapter about "Battles of Seattle" how people protested against WTO (World Trade Organization)  which shows a form of resistance amongst these large power structure (government).  This chapter speaks on behalf of the people and the connection of the world growing.  It states how within this large number of networks occurring so are negative events like terrorism, that has to do with networks. It also speaks on protocol and how networks may be managed so that it would not be “confusing.” They want to show how maintaining an open and closed system, as stated on page 157, that it will increase transparency amongst society. It also focuses on what is too much control regarding the state and at the federal level within networks; due to unforeseen circumstances that may heavily impact our nation. What is the best way to prevent these negative outcomes? There is a limit in which the state does need to follow amongst privacy. Furthermore, this topic is debatable regarding the networks in society. We do want to be safe, but how safe can we be with the government overriding our privacy?

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