Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Censoring Culture

When I was growing up an older family member would often say "what you do not know wont hurt you". This phrase made no sense when I was a child. As I developed into a teenager and adolescent I realized it meant something important. This phrase was the first connection I had with censorship that I can remember. As a child many many many things were hidden and kept from me. One very impacting example is my father being in jail with the thought that no one knew why. From that moment on police officers were really just bullies to me. In the midst of trying to protect me from pain and loneliness a big police hater was in the brewing. Instead of keeping me safe my family members influenced me to not appreciate law enforcement- this is a less severe example. I understood "Initiatives presumably designed to protect children not only frequently violate the rights of adults, they have the potential to actually harm children. Government- funded, "abstinence-only" sex education, for instance, both urges abstinence and bans teachers from distributing information about contraceptive or safe sex" (Mintcheva, 169). This was a jewel to me. Many parents and grandparents believe keeping their children from such information will equally keep them from committing any actions that pertain to that information available. Parents fail to see the other side of the book, the consequence in other words. Since kids are not being informed about safe sex,  there are tons of teen pregnancies. Censoring this information to prevent child porn firdt of all failed because it still exists and it failed twice because now there are two problems instead of just one! There is porn and kids born from that porn!  Sometimes what you do not know WILL HURT BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW.  Prevention is key is you ask me.