Tuesday, April 30, 2013

David Wojnarowicz "Fire in My Belly" Censorship

One of the censorship cases that awed me the most was David Wojnarowick's "Fire in my Belly". I found a direct interest in the piece of art as well as an interest in the entire reasons that led such piece to be censored.  The piece/ video on its own was something that stuck me the most because of the visual impact it directly set on me as I saw the video in class. I found such a video to speak a thousand things and convey such meaning, in simple pictures. The most poignant message was that of awareness to HIV as the video was also a form of activism on its own. I found "Fire in my Belly" to be distinct from the rest of the art pieces as it not only touched on conceptual and important issues, but also was a direct form of expression with activism. As the artist implemented his active presentation against HIV and of the connection it often had with hatred of homosexuals. This is what I consider to be the most important type of art, something that is louder than the images reflected on the canvas. But most importantly, an art, that not only directs a message but encourages and inspires action towards betterment of humanity. 

The entire censorship revolving the piece was something I absolutely found ridiculous because of the sole reason that it was claimed to be offensive and tagged as “bad art” because of the image of a crucifix covered in ants. The censors did not understand that the message conveyed and intention of the piece was nothing to do with religion but rather something much more personal to the artist and the receivers of the message that truly connected with the piece. That the piece was nothing about a claim towards the Catholic Church but rather spoke to and of human sensibility and of protest depicted in an intense raw, even violent but beautiful art.

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